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Are you infuriated by insurrection and disinformation??

Has someone your know fallen prey to Fake News and "Infowars?"

Been bullied in divorce & family court or anywhere?

Stand up against injustice, corruption & divisive disinfo!

Join Kelly's quest to raise awareness, deprogram, America, and find your personal power to prevail no matter what!

Alex Jones spent millions fabricating conspiracy theories to hurt Kelly & silence her whistleblower truth. Kelly’s no  lawyer, but she’s defeated Alex Jones’ high-power law firms:  in State & Federal court, by being a powerful voice against injustice & infowars' propaganda...& by never giving up, no matter the challenge or heartbreak.


Join Kelly on her public & legal quest to deprogram America & disrupt injustice! You'll Get exclusive access & insight into Alex Jones' epic legal fraud & the Officers of the Texas Courts that protected him & Infowars.

Awareness, empowerment, support, activism (get involved!) & community:  Kelly Jones is coming soon!!

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