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Hey there! I can't wait to share my epic legal true crime story and tons of exclusive unique content with you!

From the spy ring Rolling Stone Magazine reported that my ex, Alex Jones set on me, to less-than-ethical reporting and lawless illegal secrecy, my story is NOT what you think it is!

I'm breaking my silence to expose massive corruption and true crimes that have affected America all the way up to the Capitol on January 6th, and that my exclusive, and  I believe my content will empower you with the knowledge you didn't know you needed to help you stand up to injustice anywhere and deprogram the deceived.

I've defended almost a decade of fake litigation for standing up to fake news and for trying to unplug Infowars, and the injustice my kids and I have endured has impacted the world.

If you're looking for more than the convenient soundbite spin and are ready to dig deep into the organized corruption and crimes that have endangered America conducted under a deceptive "family law" smokescreen, stay tuned and subscribe!

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